VegFest 2016

After being to my very first one last year, I was excited to go to VegFest again!

For those who haven't heard of VegFest before - it's a vegan friendly event where lots of different brands are all under one roof in Olympia! You'll usually find lots of great offers just for that weekend only.

This year there were lots of new brands I hadn't seen before and ones of which I am a regular customer so it was great to see some familiar faces :)

One of my those familiar faces was Neil from Aquapax!
Our current generation is at risk of being affected by unseen chemicals used to make bottled water, which is then transferred into our body. Aquapax combat that problem with a recyclable carton packaging, which is safe to reuse and keeps it cooler for longer. Want to know more? Click here for my full review.

A new brand I discovered were Nuts In Ya Mouth - you can't say it without laughing (prepare for the puns). This brand are nuts about everything they make! From pizza flavoured nuts to gingerbread ones, there is so much to choose from! I was kindly given two bags of raw granola to review: Coconut and Cacao Crunch. Click here to find out what I thought.

I have always wanted a vegan version of Magnum's peanut butter ice cream and Miiro had just the thing - vanilla and peanut butter ice cream with a thick, dark chocolate coating. The peanut taste was there but very subtle, like it had been a little watered down but nonetheless a great alternative!

I was so glad to find Charitea there. My favourite by far was the Blood Orange. Sweet, slightly fizz and tang to it but very refreshing.

By 4pm the queue for food had died down so we had our lunch then. 
Trying something new, I opted for Dosa who make South Indian rice and lentil stuffed pancake wraps. The crisp exterior contrasted from the soft, individual filling and coconut chutney. 

Here are a few more photos of what else you could find at VegFest:

I came home from the event with all of these yummy vegan friendly products, which probably won't last very long!


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