Rock Star Sushi Bar

To celebrate my new job, Kenny wanted to take me out for dinner. Having seen good reviews about Rockstar Sushi Bar, we set off for South Wimbledon. With only 12 seats in this restaurant, reservations are highly recommended and can only be done online. 

Feeling quite hungry, we started with some edamame beans, which were served cold but with maldon salt flakes and soy sauce. I really liked the slight crunch from the salt flakes but as we reached the end of the bowl, the soy became overly salty.

After looking at their selection of drinks, we opted for two pots of green tea. One with chrysanthemum, globe amaranth and jasmine and the other with marigold and coconut fruit fibre. I can't say the coconut was detectable but I certainly enjoyed watching the flowers bloom in the glass tea pot!

Our first dishes to arrive were spicy tuna uramaki and salmon & avocado filled with prawn tempura rolls.

I was definitely impressed by the presentation. It was elegant, colourful and refined. Decoration was minimal but beautiful. Not one lettuce leaf in sight, just stunning sushi rolls with a sprinkle of garnishing. 

Not to mention the freshly grated wasabi root! Served on a wooden board coated with a piece of shark's skin, this is how real wasabi is made. You can really tell the difference as the texture is smooth, taste is mild and is pale green colour. It also dries out if left out too long. 

I really enjoyed the avocado & salmon combo but wasn't too keen on the salmon being slightly cooked on the top. 

The spicy tuna certainly packs a kick so be warned! I wasn't a fan of the texture of the minced tuna. I would have preferred whole pieces as it felt too mushy.

Space on our table became very tight when the soft shell crab futomaki arrived. Served with avocado, wasabi tobiko and miso aioli on a cute wooden boat, it looked very photogenic. 

However the appearance didn't match up to the taste. I found the rice to be quite dense, it was almost solid and the crab had a fishy aftertaste. The breadcrumbs on the outside made the futomaki taste like toast. Definitely a first for me, but I must admit I did enjoy the crispy exterior :)

With still room for more, we ordered a 9 piece sashimi platter (tuna, salmon and kampachi) and a salmon & avocado roll. 

For the kampachi, a special dipping sauce was provided. Made from yuzu, sesame oil and soy sauce, it gave a lovely zing followed by a subtle hint of soy. I've never had kampachi before so can't compare but it had a very soft texture with also a slight bite. The salmon was my favourite. It was so soft, it had a melt in your mouth texture. 

The salmon & avocado roll looked so vibrant on the board with the striking wasabi tobiko and wasabico against the contrasting red sesame seeds! It was just to my liking so the 8 pieces diminished pretty quickly.  

I still wasn't feeling full but didn't fancy anymore sushi, which only left one thing - dessert! 
Stuck between the doriyaki and the chocolate ice cream mochi, we ordered both. Once again, it was beautifully presented. 

The doriyaki came with a small bowl of homemade raspberry jam, which was delicious on its own! The tartness wasn't overpowering and complimented the doriyaki. 
Coated in a cocoa powder, the chocolate mochi was just like a chocolate truffle. There wasn't much taste in the glutinous part but it didn't stick to your teeth :)

Our bill came to just under £80 and I didn't feel full. My guess was it was due to their rolls being moderately filled with a neat layer of rice.

Overall verdict? 
I'm not sure if Rock Star Sushi Bar quite rocked all my tastebuds. I remember the textures rather than the taste of it. I loved the appearance of every dish and the service was fantastic. We were even offered things off the menu so don't be shy to ask Igor :)

If you're looking for beautifully presented sushi / Japanese food with flawless service, then Rock Star Sushi Bar is the place to go.

5 The Long Shop 
Merton Abbey Mills 
Watermill Way 
SW19 2RD


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