Tang Noodle Bar London

Having planned to have a girly dinner night between Vi Vian, Louise and myself at Kanada Ya, the plan soon changed to having dinner at Tang London's soft launch and meeting Chris too.

I must say after looking at their website, I was excited to try their menu - especially as it was all dairy-free! However, I was really disappointed with the food, the way everything worked and the service.

As Vi Vian was running late, we thought we'd order drinks first. We had to order at the bar/desk area, which was handy as we were seated there. The waitress took our order and then asked us to pay straight away, despite not having ordered any food. Having grouped all our drinks together, it then became a faff to pay individually. On the plus side there is no minimum payment for cards. 

By the time Vi Vian arrived, I was so hungry. I ordered the Fried Chicken and Chicken Tang. Vi Vian said she would order the black and white tofu so we could share. But it was only when two portions of tofu arrived, did I realise the waitress had added tofu to my order as well..

The fried soya milk chicken was tender and had a slight floury texture. There's a choice of two dips but I wasn't asked which one I would like so had to settle with the homemade hot sauce. It had a sharp acidic aftertaste so would recommend to try the lemon tofu dip instead.

The crispy homemade black bean tofu with white miso sauce was so-so. The crispy exterior was cooked well but a little on the dry side.

The chicken tang dish which is made from roast chicken broth, pulled chicken, bean sprouts, 6 minute egg and a ginger sauce was very disappointing. Usually you can't go wrong with chicken and ginger combination but this was just ginger. The sauce was so overpowering, it became more of a ginger soup, with no taste of roast chicken. I had requested to swap the beansprouts with bok choi but they had already run out. The 6 minute egg was cooked very well but it had been sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds, which covered and spoiled the runny egg texture. 

My noodles were also uncooked so I had to leave half of them to the side. I told the waitress who then told me to tell the chef myself! When I finally got the attention of the chef, she offered me more noodles but when I said I didn't want anymore, she just turned back around and that was the last of it.

It soon became quite busy and we learnt that being seated at the bar was a very bad idea.. Food would be placed in front of us, ready for the waitress (or customer as service was slow) to collect it. So throughout the meal, we had people interrupting and invading our space.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend Tang London. They have a lot to work on and probably still need a bit more time to refine things. We all left feeling disappointed. It is probably more suitable for a low-key, quick meal rather than a socialising dinner. 

Things to note: 
- Tang London works on a pay first before you eat service.
- Make sure you get your waiter/waitress to confirm your order before you pay
- Do not sit at the bar area if it is busy

Tang London 
111 Great Russell St


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