British Tarantula Society 2016 Event

Don't worry, this post contains no photos of real spiders! In fact they're one of my biggest fears! However, at the weekend I went to Leamington Spa to help my sister sell her SukiSuki plush spiders!
It was definitely a different crowd to ToyCon and we met so many lovely people!

With a long day ahead of us, I'm so glad we had a buffet breakfast to feast on :)

Here's the stall once it was finally set up!

One of my favourite customers was Joe, who happened to be SukiSuki's first customer and now a proud owner of Hairy Henrietta :) As soon as he saw this limited edition spider he had to have her! I'm sure Henrietta loves her new home :)

Towards the end of the day, I got to hold a millipede! It was a little daunting at first as Marianna's reaction made me reluctant to hold it but I actually found it quite cute in the end :)
All these big spiders below found new homes :)
Each one was sewn by hand and with a lot of love. So for all those who mocked the prices listed, you should know it takes a lot of skill and many arduous hours to make a single spider plush as these are not mass produced in China.

Still not a fan of spiders but these ones are more my type :)


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