Zims Tribe Saucy Marinade

I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew, the man behind Zims Tribe's saucy marinade, at The Free From Festival. Selling his place to start up his own business, you can tell from his products that he's made the right choice!

From marinades to oils, all of Zims Tribe's products are very versatile!

Whether you like to dip, marinade, roast or grill, this little jar lets you be creative in the kitchen!

My favourite saucy marinade was the Extra Hot Chilli. Made with scotch bonnets(??), it's a sweet punchy flavoured spice that slowly builds up the heat towards your last mouthful.

So what did I make with my jar?

I went for the classic dip. I crisped up some tortilla wraps in a frying pan (no oil added), sprinkled it with bit of paprika and then smothered the sauce on top like a pizza. I let my relatives from Singapore try. Both my uncle and auntie loved it and then went on a dipping frenzy and tried it with dried cuttlefish! It worked very well apparently!

Next, I tried adding it to my pasta to spice things up and it sure did the job! I don't think I'll ever be able to make my pasta without it as it was just so much tastier.

I have yet to try it with fried rice and on poultry but I'm sure it would be a delicious combo!

Tempted to spice things up in the kitchen? Check out Zims Tribe full range of products here: www.zimstribe.co.uk


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