Peacock Alley review

To celebrate my birthday early and because I love the sound of a vegan afternoon tea, I booked a table at Peacock Alley. 

Located inside the Waldorf Astoria is a beautiful seating area with a high ceiling and elegant decor. We were shown to our table, which was centred underneath the sky dome window and perfect lighting for photos! 

They kindly let us order a traditional afternoon tea for my friend and a vegan version for myself. I was so excited about finding a vegan afternoon tea so I didn’t have to worry about my allergies.

When it arrived, everything was beautifully presented. Our waitress kindly explained what each piece was which was helpful as it didn’t match what was on the vegan menu I was given. I was also kindly greeted by Hans whilst dining and he said he would pop back to find out how everything was as I was yet to try the scones and cakes. Unfortunately they had run out of jasmine, chai and another tea but as they had a large range of teas to choose from it was easy finding an alternative. 

I found the first platter of sandwiches and vegetables a bit too sharp and over pickled but if you like capers and pickles, you’ll enjoy this plate. 

I much preferred the second round, which had a beautiful array of cakes and scones. After spreading some of the cream on the scone and taking a bite, I could feel something wasn’t right as my tongue started to react to it. It was much creamier than any other vegan cream I’ve had so I asked the head waitress to confirm. 5 minutes passed and I could see her but she didn’t return to our table. Instead she informed the maitre’d and he came back to tell me that the chef had made a mistake and that shouldn’t have been on the plate as it was clotted cream!

The dairy clotted cream served with my vegan afternoon tea
After that moment, it made me feel very cautious about eating the rest of the afternoon tea as I had arrived with trust but left with an allergic reaction. Although they recovered the situation by apologising and kindly taking everything off the bill, I wish they had checked to see if I was ok rather than avoiding me, as it could have been more severe if I hadn't had checked. 

Despite that serious error, my friend really enjoyed his traditional afternoon tea and loved the duck wrap and chocolate and lemon mousse teardrop shaped dessert. I would recommend Peacock Alley to those who don't have any dietary requirements and are looking for a elegant spot for afternoon tea with a good selection of coffees and teas.


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