Shopping, Cake and Greek Food

This Saturday, me and my sister were on a mission - find a wedding outfit for our mum in Stratford Westfield. 

In order to keep our energy up, we started with some lunch at The Real Greek. Having never eaten there before, I was going to order lots of dishes! Luckily my sister advised us to choose a few and we can all share. 

I chose saffron rice, pork belly and grilled aubergine in a roasted tomato sauce. We also ordered meliztanosalata (a dip made from roasted aubergine, garlic, shallots and lemon), greek flatbread, dolmades (vine leaves filled with rice, tomato and herbs), chips and chargrilled chicken wings. 

The flatbread with the dip was so good but the roasted garlic sauce around the aubergine was even better! I was even dipping my chips in it. I really enjoyed the food here and would definitely come back again :) Also, students get 25% off any day of the week.

After hunting round and successfully fufulling our mission, we stopped off at Caffe Concerto for some cake and a drink. I found the cakes in the window were more welcoming than the staff who worked there..

I chose the chocolate gateau and my sister went for an eclair, which was apparently very disappointing.

Although Caffe Concerto is fairly similar to Patisserie Valerie, I think I'll stick to the latter. 


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