Snowflake Gelato Saturday

I'm usually one for spotting a person eating an ice cream in the middle of Winter and saying "It's too cold for ice cream!" But when it comes to Snowflake Gelato in London, it's always a great day for it :)

For my friend's birthday, I decided to take him out for a surprise treat - waffles, gelato and a hot drink.

After pondering over the selection of toppings, he selected the Snowflake classic waffle with gelato and fudge sauce and a luxury hot chocolate.

I went for the Luxury Maple waffle, served with fresh blueberries and strawberries, maple syrup and dark chocolate sorbet. Oh and a pot of Earl Grey tea.
I loved the toppings with the hot waffle and gelato. Although there is a menu, you can still choose whatever flavour gelato you want with your waffle. Birthday or not, I think we'll be back here soon :) 


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