OKA Sushi

For those who follow me on Make-Bake-Travel's Facebook page or Twitter, will know that I love this place. I've been back twice for lunch and always wish I'd ordered more.

Here's my review of when I went for dinner :) 

I'd heard so many good things about this restaurant that when my boyfriend came to surprise me at my office with a big bouquet of flowers for our anniversary, I thought it'd be a nice place to celebrate. 

Although only being 15mins away from the branch in Primrose Hill, I knew it can be busy so decided to phone and ask if there were any tables available. To my luck, we were able to get a table right away as long as we gave it back 2 hours later :)

We were greeted by friendly staff who showed us to our table and even one for my flowers :)

For starters, I chose the Salmon and Avocado Hosomaki - 8 small pieces but contained a thick piece of fresh salmon wrapped up with rice and seaweed and a piece of avocado. 

I also ordered the Spider Roll - soft shell crab with kimchi, cucumber and wasabi mayo. It was delicious! The crunchy texture from the cucumber, soft shell crab and the slight warming heat from the wasabi mayo was a perfect combo. The 8 pieces didn't sit on the plate for long!

For our main, Darius (our waiter) recommended the Chicken Katsu Teriyaki - crispy chicken breasts cut in to thin slices served on a bed of boiled rice and 2 pieces of broccoli and shredded carrot. He also gave us some extra teriyaki sauce as he said it was nice to dip the chicken in :)
When it arrived, it smelt amazing! After eating the first piece, we were not disappointed! 

As we had shared a main, we still has room for something savoury and ordered a bowl of steamed salted edamame beans, which was sprinkled with a generous amount of salt flakes. Maybe too generous. But overall the meal was very enjoyable with polite and helpful staff :)

Our bill came to £27.84 including service charge. 

So if you're looking for some very good sushi then OKA is the place for you but make sure you call to book a table in advance :)


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