Zomato, Ziferblat and Zebra Cake

Last night, I was invited to my first #ZomatoMeetup which was at Ziferblat.

Never heard of Ziferblat before? Well I hadn't either. It's basically one large living room, with a small kitchen, piano, tables, chairs and a view overlooking Kingsland Road. 
There's a small fee of 5p/per min but if you spend 4 hours there, you can get one free with their loyalty card :)

Here's how it works:
You buzz to get in, then write your name on the sheet with the time you came in. You can chill or be productive and do some work, as well as helping yourself to as much tea, coffee and biscuits as you like. Then when you're ready to leave, you pay at the desk.

For us bloggers it was a feast, also known as Potluck. We each made a dish (savoury or sweet) and placed it one of the several tables joined together. I wanted to make something with frosting but I knew it wouldn't have withstood the rush hour commute, so a zebra cake it was. 
There was white russian cupcakes by Annie, Vietnamese noodles by May, Bundt cake by Federica, Malaysian curry puffs by Vivian, chocolate salted caramel brownies and baklava from Sheepa, 5-layer dip by Alexandra and couscous with roasted vegetables by Ellie.
With lots of lovely people, great food and interesting conversations, the two hours flew by!

Here are some photos of the meet up. And for my zebra cake recipe click here :)

My favourite savoury dish would have o be Vivian's Malaysia chicken curry puffs. Check out her blog for more yummy things :)

I loved Sheepa's chocolate salted caramel brownies - I've been told to stop talking about them in the office if they can't try some >.<

For more photos (also by Sheepa cause she's one talented lady) click here :)

Thanks Zomato and Ziferblat for a lovely evening! 


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