Cat Village

Note for any bloggers out there! If you are planning on visiting, make sure you put a watermark on your photos before posting on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook as Cat Village like to share photos without giving any credit, which still upsets me so I wouldn't want it to happen to anyone else!

Right back to the review!

I am a lover and a bit of a sucker for cute, fluffy things, especially cats. So when we happened to pass Cat Village in Shoreditch, London, I couldn't help but stop and "awwh" at the cats inside!

Cat Village is a small two floored cat café, with a forest theme. It's £5 per hour and walk-ins are welcome but I would advise to book in advance as it can get quite busy and you may be turned away (like we almost were). We got there at 7:15pm to find out the café was closed as it was being cleaned but we could come back at 8pm. 

When we returned, we were turned away as we didn't have tickets that were booked in advance. We watched ticket holders walk in, while we stood in the rain :(
After speaking to the owner, she changed her mind and said we could come in if we only stayed for an hour. 

Before entering the cats' area, you swap your shoes for pink slippers (grey slippers for men) and sanitise your hands with alcohol gel. Inside were wooden tables and seats made into the shape of trees and logs, with a grassy floor to accompany it. 

Here are the cats :)

They sleep pretty much anywhere when they find a comfy spot :)
Mummy cat looking for someone to let her in to her kitten pen
Fluffy Mawz trying to be a rug :)
I think my favourite two cats would have to be Polar (below) and Alice (first pic at the top), they are just too cute :)

Overall, I wouldn't say a full hour was needed so if you're looking for a small place to sit with some cute cats / have a hour to spare then Cat Village is the place for you but if you're looking for more playful kitties, which also caters for different diets then Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium is the place to go :)


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