Dairy free Chocolate Mousse Recipe

So I wrote this recipe for my company's magazine. It's one of my favourite dessert recipes because it's so easy and quick to make :)

It's dairy free, egg free and gluten free but can be vegan friendly if vegan marshmallows are used instead.

50g sunflower / dairy free spread 
150g mini marshmallows
150g dark chocolate
1 carton of oat or soya single cream 

How to make:
Before boiling some water in a saucepan, find a glass bowl that fits over the saucepan but does not touch the water. 
Place the chocolate, marshmallows and butter into the glass bowl and melt over the saucepan. Stir occasionally.
Once it has all melted, remove from heat and stir in the oat cream.
Transfer into glasses or ramekins and set in the fridge.
Decorate with chocolate shavings, fresh mint leaves or fruit. 

If you can't wait, it can be enjoyed like a thick Italian hot chocolate as we found out :)


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