Rawligion Part II

I went back! So here is my second review :) For anyone who hasn't heard of Rawligion - it's a great place to go to if you are avoiding gluten, dairy, egg or are just trying to eat healthy. All the food is raw so perfectly suitable for paleo and vegan diets!

I can't believe it's been 7 weeks since I went to the preview opening of Rawligion! With an overdue catchup, Ellie and I went back for lunch and to see how things were going :)

If you read my previous post, you'll be delighted to know there are lots of new things on the menu - including the cold drip coffee that Vahid added the walnut mylk to.

John kindly had a platter prepared for us to try, which included a handmade and dehydrated sundried tomato wrap filled with rainbow coloured vegetables. It was a great alternative to a normal wrap and had lots more flavour.

The sushi was great! It had a crumbly texture but was packed full of flavour, especially when dipped into the soy sauce.

Another new item was the cauliflower salad. I'm not a huge fan of cauliflower or peppers but this salad is fresh and crunchy if you want something light. 

I was glad to be reunited with the pad Thai that I tried last time and it was just like I remembered. The other two familiar items were the dehydrated and hand rolled falafels with zucchini hummus and the yummy nut free kelp pesto noodles :)

With time passing by so quickly again we had to rush back to work but John kindly prepared us a goodie bag each filled with 2 new chia Bircher breakfast pots, rum chocolate truffles and my favourite chocolate caramel shortbread. 

If you love chia seeds, you'll love the breakfast pots. The cinnamon dusted over the thinly sliced apple pieces and sweet banana slices at the bottom makes it a comforting breakfast. 

The Neapolitan pot was my favourite, although I would have liked more of the tart raspberry layer to give it more zing :)

The rum truffles have a slightly strong taste. They have a firmer texture rather than a creamy one and definitely satisfy if you're craving something dark. 

Lastly, my favourite one - chocolate caramel shortbread. This is a decadent, raw dessert and I love the drizzling of almond butter on top. My favourite part is the chocolate - I would happily eat a thick layer of it.

Don't forget to try the walnut brain boosting mylk! It's incredible!

Thank you John for having us and it was so nice to see you again :)

3 Tottenham St


  1. Drinks were amazing especially the brain booster. Will definitely go back for their coffee soon. Have you tried?

    1. I tried a little shot on my first visit and it's great with the walnut mylk!


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