NINAS popcorn

At the Free From Festival, I was lucky enough to meet, Chirag, the founder behind NINAS popcorn. Not only is the packaging beautifully unique, so are their flavours, which are also 100% natural. 

NINAS have four different flavours of popcorn to choose from:
  • Sweet coconut, Himalayan pink salt & maca
  • Kale, black pepper & lime
  • Spicy sriracha & spirulina
  • Cocoa, goji berries & pistachios

The sweet coconut one is my favourite. If you're like me, I always enjoy the most sugar coated pieces of popcorn in the packet but NINAS are all completely flavoured, you won't need to hunt for the well-coated ones. 

The kale, black pepper & lime is certainly an unusual combination but it works well if you want to step away from your average savoury popcorn. The black pepper gives it mild kick, whilst the lime and kale creates a slightly herby, cheesy flavour. I found it a little bit dry but definitely feels a lot healthier than supermarket popcorn.

The spicy sriracha & spirulina popcorn is a savoury one. Spiced with sriracha, you'll either find it quite hot or a faint tingle depending on how good you are with spice (I was the latter!) I found this popcorn to be quite soft and probably my least favourite in terms of flavour. A unique one but not one for me.

The cacoa, goji berries & pistachios - superfit popcorn reminds me of kaya (Malaysian coconut spread). I love the sweetness from the coconut and maple syrup. I found the pieces that were less coated were quite soft to those that were well coated. There were a few unpopped kernels so be careful but you will not be disappointed with the flavour, delicious! (Sorry for the absent photo - my parents were very quick to eat the whole packet)

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