Free From Festival 2017

For any of my free-from followers, you'll know that I love the Free From Festival which happens twice a year :)

This time it was held at Old Spitalfields Market, a large sheltered area just off Liverpool Street. Filled with lots of stalls, it was nice to meet lots of new brands and a few familiar faces.

From delectable brownies to warming soups, here are all the stalls that I visited which are vegan friendly and soy-free.

Cake & Cucumber

They had me at one look of their brownies on Instagram. However I went for a very tempting slice of Salted Caramel Popcorn cake. It set me back £4.25 but I was not disappointed. It is incredibly sweet so had to enjoy it in two seatings.

La Crèmerie
I was very excited about trying these yoghurts as they are made from rice, making them completely soy-free. There are 5 different flavours: original, vanilla, basil, cherry & rhubarb and espresso. However, I found them to be too sharp for my liking.


Sourdough Mess
If you haven't tried their peanut butter cookies - you've been missing out just like I had! They are the best, especially if you're a nutter about butter! I could have eaten a whole box of these soft and slightly chewy cookies :)


Pep & Lekker
I love soups. Especially thick ones. So after trying nearly all the flavours, I had much difficulty choosing which one to buy. I went for the beetroot and apple, which is best served cold. It is just like having gazpacho so great for the summer. I love the little pot of crunchy toppings to go with it, perfect combo.

The Tigernut Company
I was so happy to finally meet them as we've been following each other for a while but train problems always got in the way! For those who haven't heard of tigernuts, these aren't actually nuts so are safe for those with nut allergies. They are naturally sweet so no sugar is needed when making it into milk. Unless you have a sweet tooth then you can buy the pre-made milk with agave. There is also tigernut flour which makes the nicest shortbread! I can't wait to make some at home!


Zims Tribe Saucy Marinade

If you like sauces and marinading your food, then you need to try Zim Tribe's Saucy Marinade. It's so versatile, you can cook with it or simple dip your tortilla chips in it. There are four levels of spiciness but my favourite was the Extra Hot Chili made with haberno. Review coming soon!


I'm not sure if this is soy free but they had a vegan option that I went for and it was just as yummy as last time. Filled with lots of veg, some potatoes and quinoa, it was a satisfying lunch.


Jake's Boost
It was great to see a familiar face after 2 years at a blogger's event. My favourite is still the air dried apple chips with the nut and seed butter :) If you haven't tried it and would like 25% off, make sure you sign up on their website.

Overall I had a great day! I just wish I could have picked up the goody bag I won for my photo of my cake slice :(

Thanks for reading! You can visit to find out when the next one is!


  1. most of the things on your blog are sweet. I love sweet but avoid it because of weight issues. Anyways thanks for sharing . holiday agency uk

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog Udit :) The Tigernut Company are naturally sweet and have no added sugars, which I'll be posting soon but I'll try and include more savoury things in my posts!


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