Pep & Lekker Soups

Enjoy eating healthy, wholesome and tasty soups? Have you tried Pep & Lekker?

I met Susan, the founder of Pep & Lekker, at The Free From Festival. I stopped by their stall when I saw their inviting soups and smiles. 

Here are some facts about Pep & Lekker

  • All their soups are natural
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Soya-free
  • Additive-free
  • Vegan friendly
There are five different flavours available (two cold summer soups and three hot versions), along with a vegetable broth and some Nutty Seed Bites. Together, they create a detoxing, cleansing package.

Gorgeous Green
This soup is packed with broccoli, spinach and mint, giving it a vibrant green colour. Served hot, it's a guilt-free soup, which went really well with the Nutty Seed Bites. They still had a slight crunch even though I had found some at the end of my soup.

The cold summer version includes seasonal asparagus, which was very subtle and blended well with the flavours of mint and pea. It is a fresh summer soup.


Ravishing Red
The hot version is bursting with roasted tomatoes, beetroot and apples. It's comforting but not your average tomato soup. It also smells like pizza when it's warmed up and you can feel the texture of the blitzed up apple. 

The cold summer soup is just like gazpacho, cold and refreshing. It contains seasonal plums but I found it too sharp and slightly overpowering. The beautiful plum hue comes from the beetroot but the main flavour of the soup is still the roasted tomatoes.


Gleaming Gold
I think this one is my favourite as it has sweet potato and butternut squash. I usually avoid foods that contain turmeric as I find the flavour overpowering but this contained the perfect amount so it was subtle and created a sunset yellow. There were hints of cardamon and ginger, which added a mellow warmth to it. I enjoyed it so much, I forgot to take a photo of it (sorry!).

Beautiful Broth
Made from vegetables including onions, peppers, mushrooms and many more, this broth is similar to a consomm√© except it is more cloudy. It smells delicious and the fragrance of black pepper can be easily detected when heated. However, I found the flavour to be so subtle, I couldn't taste any of the ingredients. This is probably a good thing if you are doing the Pep & Lekker Cleanse programme, as you would drink this as a night cap. 

Nutty Seed Bites
These bites are a great topping for the soups and also a great snack on their own! Made with clusters of linseed, sesame and chia seeds, they are combined with apple, walnuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. The pink pepper gives it a mild punch in the form of a pretty pink dust. 

These soups are slightly thinner than your usual supermarket ones as no potatoes are used. However they are all still creamy, which comes from the cashew nuts and almonds. I love the colours and the contrasting crunch from the nutty seed bites. 

Although I wasn't trying to lose weight, I did notice that after a few days of soup for lunch, my waist was slimmer and I didn't feel bloated. 

With no additives or preservatives, these soups can be kept for a few days in the fridge but can also be frozen. Keen to upgrade your soups? You can purchase and find out more information at


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