Hawker House – Street Feast

Located just a short walk from Canada Water station, you'll find Hawker House. A venue that has been transformed into a food market, featuring lots of different street foods all under one roof every Friday and Saturday from 5pm. 

Whilst attending a foodie meet up, I was able to try three of the vendor's dishes at a discounted price. 

First up, Ink. Made up of a two-man team, they sure know how to create a picturesque plate with their crispy squid rings, coriander leaves and pastel-coloured mayos. Marinated in milk before being deep-fried, these squid rings are perfectly seasoned and tender so be prepared for food envy.

To accompany my squid, I visited Mother Clucker for some cajun fries. Famous for their twice-fried buttermilk chicken, you can choose from chicken strips or a burger and a choice of cheesy fries or cajun fries as a side. The cajun fries were thin, crispy and so tasty with the hot sauce and parsley. Unfortunately, I found them incredibly salty towards the end and was gasping for a drink afterwards.

Last stop, which I contemplated as being my first stop, Chin Chin Labs. I'm always pleased when I find vegan desserts, especially when they are serving rhubarb sorbet with crème brûlée. For £5, you can try their palm-sized crème brûlée, which has a glazed, sugared exterior and a scoop of freshly made rhubarb sorbet on top. Both were neither too sweet or too sharp but complimented each other nicely. Both my friends preferred my vegan dessert to their smore's sandwich as it was too rich for them to finish. Do note, they only accept cash at this stall.

I'd say it's a great place to visit with a group of friends if you all have different preferences or just like trying new things.

Hawker House
Canada St, London, SE16 7PJ


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