Mooshies - Vegan Burger review

After reading so many reviews, I had to go visit Mooshies and try their vegan burgers and cheese sticks as I have had my eyes on them for a very long time!

I went with my sister, who isn't vegan but always happy to try something new. Between ourselves, we ordered two ginger and hibiscus teas, guacamole served with plantain chips, cheese sticks, a Fillet-om-phish and one What's ur beef burger.

Guacamole and plantain chips
For £4.50, we were given quite a generous portion of crunchy plantain chips and creamy guacamole. I didn't eat much of it as I wanted to save room for the cheese sticks. 

Cheese sticks
Served in a portion of 3, these cheese sticks come with a sweet chilli mayo dip and cost £6.50. They have a crunchy, golden exterior with gooey, melting cheese on the inside. It was a delight. The dip for me personally would have been better without the sweet chilli as I couldn't reach nor taste the mayo.

Made from a slice of battered aubergine, their homemade tartar sauce, nori seaweed, cheese and lettuce, it was the nori that tempted me into selecting this burger. I loved the soft, glazed vegan brioche bun with seeds on top but I found the battered aubergine too salty. 

What's ur beef?
My sister loved the taste of this burger. Made from an organic quinoa and black bean patty, mooshies' burger sauce, caramelised onions, cheese, gherkins and lettuce - it was crunchy and saucy in all the right places.

The only thing that we should have ordered were chips, even though we were very full from all of the other dishes. 

Our bill came to £30 for two sides, burgers and teas but we both agreed we would go back again to try the other burger flavours.


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