Bella Bar & Restaurant review

Just a short walk from Clapham South station you’ll find Bella, an Italian restaurant and bar with a relaxed vibe and friendly staff. With a few tables outside, you can choose to enjoy the breeze or sit indoors with larger tables and a darker interior.

With a space suitable for my 7 foodies, I organised my foodie meet-up here. Bella are currently updating their menu but you'll still find the classic pasta dishes such as spaghetti frutti di mare and risotto. However if pasta and fish aren't for you, there are sharing platters and burgers available too.

For starters I ordered bruschetta. The three pieces of ciabatta were perfectly toasted and topped with tomato cherry halves, garlic, parsley and then drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I really enjoyed the crunch from the bread and the juicy tomatoes but I found that there was too much garlic and it was too overpowering for me. If less garlic had been used or cooked a little bit, I think it would have been just right.

Some of the foodies chose the pan seared chicken liver for their starters, which was cooked with garlic, chilli and tomato. They said it was cooked really well and found the sauce really creamy. 

Moving on the the main courses, I chose penne alla rustica - penne pasta cooked in a tomato based sauce with chilli, garlic and Italian sausage. The vibrant, contrasting colours of the sauce and the parsley made the presentation of the dish appetising. The tomatoes created a mellow, sweet sauce but I couldn't detect any spice from the chilli. The sausage had a nice peppery taste to it and came in small meatball-like shapes. I would have liked the dish with more chilli but for those who aren't good with spice or don't like it too hot, this may be one to try.

For desserts, unfortunately I couldn't join the group for this course as they all contained dairy and egg. However, the tiramisu looked delectable. A cubed tower made of chocolate-biscuit-cream layers and decorated with berries and a mint leaf. 

If you're too full for sweets, there's always hot drinks such as coffee, teas or aperitifs to end your meal with. 

Overall verdict?

Although some of the dishes can be adapted for dietary requirements, I would like to see more alternatives for the desserts. I know it isn't easy to cater for everyone but if there were some vegan options, that would be amazing. 

It can get quite warm inside and it isn't the best lighting for photos but if you're looking for a relaxing time with great service, Bella is worth a visit for lunch or dinner.

Thank you 
I'd like to say a big thank you to Bella for hosting us and your hospitality, as well as to all the foodies who came and made it such an enjoyable evening! 


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