By Chloe review

Continuing my burger conquest, I couldn’t say no to a free vegan burger from By Chloe! You can get yours too by signing up for your voucher on Timeout’s website but 1st August is the last day! 

I had this place on my list for a while so was really excited to find out that free burgers and nachos were being given out for a whole week! 

Their newest store is located at The O2 in North Greenwich. You have to walk all the way round to get to this place as it’s tucked inside. 

Unfortunately they ran out of the nachos when I visited so I could only try their Guac Burger. It’s priced at £9 and if you want fries that’s an extra £4. 

The bun is soft and has random seeds on it but I really wasn’t a huge fan of the patty. The flavour wasn’t punchy enough and it was too soft and thin so didn’t have any contrast in texture to the bun. It’s quite similar to a McDonald’s veggie burger. I did enjoy the crispy tortilla strips inside it though, which gave it a nice crunch and didn’t go soggy. 

The guacamole was really smooth and made the burger a little tricky to eat. I do recommend the chipotle sauce, which has a gentle kick to it.

The sweet potato fries were quite burnt so maybe try the potato ones instead.

Overall, I don’t think I’d recommend the guac burger but maybe their other dishes are worth trying. 


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