The Other Side of Eastbourne

Most of the photos you see of Eastbourne have blue skies, sunshine and warm beaches. The day I chose to go did not have quite the same weather.
So here's Eastbourne and its darker side, when it's cold, cloudy and very windy.

Despite the discouraging weather, the people in Eastbourne were ever so friendly and helpful :)

After arriving at Eastbourne station, I navigated my way to the tourist information centre (true tourist right here!). 
In order to get to Beachy Head, I was told to go to Bus Stop J and take either the 12/12A/12X to Warren Hill as that was the closest bus stop (the direct bus -13X only runs on Sundays). He did say it'd be a 20min walk from there.

Before going to the cliffs, I thought I'd find a cafe for some lunch. Wandering  around I found this humble place - Cornfield Tea House. The lady inside welcomed me in and seated me by the  front of the shop. Seeking something warm, she recommended me the homemade Butternut Squash soup with a soft crusty roll. It was just what I needed :)

Next stop, Beachy Head! After asking for a return ticket and showing the bus driver where I wanted to go on the map, he told me to get off at East Dean instead of Warren Hill. 
Using Google Maps, I headed towards Seven Sisters and passed the Sheep Centre - if you want to feed some sheep, go visit in Spring :)
If you're planning on following the route I took by foot also, make sure to wear good walking shoes as there aren't always footpaths and I sometimes had to walk on the country lanes (roads!), which isn't the safest idea..

I finally reached Seven Sisters cliffs 30mins later but didn't stay too long as I wanted to see Beachy Head. 
Half an hour later, I reached this beautiful landscape view. Although it was quite windy, it was also very quiet with a few people walking around.

I'm quite daring when it comes to heights especially when there's an opportunity of taking a great photo! But I must admit, the lack of barriers and fences made me very cautious!
I could see Beachy Head and the lighthouse in the far distance but I didn't seem to be gaining any ground against the strong, freezing cold winds so decided I should make my way back. After asking for directions to the nearest bus stop, a kind passerby offered to drop me back to East Dean as he said it was very far. I decided to keep walking as it would be a shame to miss Beachy Head. Unfortunately, walking seemed impossible with the hilly land and the numbingly cold weather. Approaching a car park, I asked an elderly couple where the nearest bus stop was. They too said it was very far so kindly offered to drop me back to the town centre, which my legs could not refuse! Diane and Ron chatted to me all the way and saved me 90 minutes of walking! I am truly grateful :)
Next stop, Eastbourne bandstand and the pier! There were no performances on so it was pretty empty apart from the odd skateboarder or two.   
After a short five minute walk from the Bandstand, I reached Eastbourne Pier. Despite the renovation, the public are still allowed on the pier. 
To the left hand side of the entrance is The Chippy on the Pier, where I was lured in by the smell of hot chips and vinegar! I couldn't resist ordering a portion :)
Further down the Pier, was a Glass shop, where you can buy lots of little glass ornaments and watch one of the workers make them!

With the sun setting, I decided to head towards the station and find a cafe to warm up in. 
I found Beanzz Coffee using Google Maps - not going to lie, I still somehow managed to go down the wrong road but I found it eventually. It's a great place to stop for a hot drink and cake and is only a 3 minute walk from the station. I was recommend the Apple and Lemon tea, which changed from a bright pink to a deep red colour the longer I let it brew :)
After my hot tea, it was time to head back to the station. Eastbourne is a lovely place to visit but I'd recommend going in the Summer when it's much warmer :)

I'd also recommend the following:
  • Wear good shoes if you're planning on going by foot, as not all land is flat
  • If you're going to go to Beachy Head, go on a Sunday and take the 13X bus
  • If you get lost, don't be scared to ask anyone - they're all so friendly!
  • Plan and book ahead to reduce travel costs and have more time exploring :)

Cost of Day Trip:
Train Tickets - £8.60
Bus Ticket with Return - £3.70
Soup - £3.95
Chips - £1.70
Tea - £1.95 
Total = £19.90


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