After seeing on Twitter there was going to be a soft launch with an offer of 50% off the food menu (if you subscribe), I couldn't wait to try Kanada-Ya's ramen!

Running to the tube station, I tried to get to the restaurant as fast as possible! Located at 3 Panton Street, I  arrived at 5:40pm to find the queue was so long, it had continued on to the other side of the road! The restaurant wasn't taking bookings, walk-ins only from 5pm-10pm. It was just me, yet I was told the wait would be around 1.5 hours.. I could only play the waiting game. It looked like Chinatown in a queue. 

At 7:20pm, I was finally seated. Hungry and cold, I said I didn't mind sitting with two other couples.. It was super awkward and uncomfortable!
Luckily my food arrived but they cold only watch me eat my ramen, whilst they waited for their starter - not awkward at all.. 

The ramen noodles were different to how I had imagined - they were thin but I liked how you could choose how aldente you wanted it (extra firm / firm / regular / soft). I went for regular as I haven't had enough ramen to be an expert. 

I ordered the Original ramen, which came with 18 hour pork broth, secret sauce, hand pulled noodles, chashu, pork belly, wood ear fungus, nori and spring onions. I also ordered a hankuku egg, as I was curious to see how it would be cooked.

When it arrived, the pork broth was hot, rich and creamy, it defrosted the cold wait outside. I loved the egg, which had a runny yolk and a well balanced sweet and salty flavour that tasted amazing! Definitely the best egg I've had with ramen. The noodles, were well cooked but I think I prefer the thicker ones. The pork was incredible! Soft, tender, sweet - perfect. I'm including this in my top 5 ramen places to eat at!

Despite being extremely busy, the service was great! Rarely I find myself saying that but all the staff were friendly, polite and helpful. I left feeling very full and satisfied :)
Will be back again to try the chicken kaarage!


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