Netil Market in Hackney

I found about this little hidden treasure on Instagram. Located in Hackney, Netil Market was a lot smaller than I had anticipated but it was still full of people even at 3pm!

Hungry and excited to try the food, we queued up for burgers from Up In My Grill. There was no questioning what to get as soon as I saw the word Chorizo. 

With the sun going down, a hot chorizo burger proved to be a great hand warmer. Still hungry for more food, we headed to Yeast - a patisserie/bakery, just round the corner. Following the sign and the delicious scent of fresh croissants, we were lured in!

Don't be fooled by the simple interior, the croissants were amazing! Crunchy but soft and fluffy inside, definitely beats the supermarket stuff. 
I thought I would take them home to enjoy but 5 minutes later and I was already giving into the aroma and ended up munching on one at the bus stop!

 So if you're in the mood for food at the weekend, check out Netil Market

13 - 23 Westgate St, 
E8 3RL

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