Vi Vian's Malaysian Supperclub

At the weekend, Vi Vian kindly invited some of us over for Yu Sang and some home cooking, which included some of her dishes found at her supperclub :)

When we arrived, the table was already laid out with some colourful dishes, all prepared and handmade from scratch. 

This included BBQ pork puffs, kuih rose, peanut filled cookies and pork gyozas, not to forget the main dish - Yu Sang.

Never heard of Yu Sang? It's where you have particular foods, which represent different but good things. Chopsticks at the ready, you then mix the ingredients together but are meant to hold it as high up as possible. The higher you hold it, the more prosperous you will be :)

Here's a video of what happened:

We made more of a mess than prosperity but it tasted amazing :) 
Made with shredded vegetables, deep fried Chinese dough bread, soy sauce, sesame oil and smoked salmon, it's also known as a fish salad. Want to know the story behind it? You can read more here.

As I'm not much of wine connoisseur, I brought along a homemade dessert - dairy-free chocolate caramel shortbread. You can find the recipe here.

Thanks Ivy for the photo!

Curious to try a supperclub? You can find Vi Vian's supperclub dates here but be quick, seats sell out very fast!

And if you have allergies, don't be afraid to let Vi Vian know, she's very good at accommodating :)

Thanks for having us Vi Vian!


  1. Oh wow, thanks for the shout out my dear! We will have to do the next foodie session and I promise it will not be at the last minute. Thanks for coming! xxx


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