Amanzi Tea review

This Marylebone based tea shop helped me through the sweltering hot days and the super chilly ones. Serving a wide range of green, black and red teas, it's not unknown to ponder about what to drink. I was lucky to be able to try a variety of hot and iced teas in one seating and they were all deliciously satisfying.

Tea hot to handle

Starting with the Lychee, pomegranate and raspberry green tea. Made with black tea leaves, this dark tea is a perfect morning drink. It has hints of oolong and a subtle lychee sweetness and also boosts the immune system, improves mental alertness and assists in removing toxins. 

The Detox tea can be enjoyed hot or cold and is free from caffeine. I normally find these kind of teas overpowered with fennel but this had a great blend of lemongrass, ginger, peppermint and liquorice root. When served hot, it had an aftertaste of peppermint but when served over ice, the aftertaste was sweeter and more mellow. This tea hydrates, detoxes and helps to recharge your body and mind.

For those who are matcha lovers, I would recommend the matcha latte with almond milk. Beautifully green with the frothy white milk on top, it's delightful. Made with the highest quality grade of matcha, this tea has a sweet and strong flavour. Full of antioxidants, it will help to boost the immune system, remove toxins and improve mental alertness.

Ice, ice baby

Made with mango puree, this thick mango smoothie is sweet, fruity and very refreshing. Definitely one for all the mango fans out there!

The Elderflower rose martea-ni is such a pretty looking drink. Decorated with dried rose buds, it gives it a continuously light and delicate floral note with every sip.  

My favourite iced drink, which I would always buy, are their iced bubble teas. Instead of using milk, these bubble teas are made from finely blended ice and your flavoured powder of choice. My usual purchases would be the honeydew melon with lychee popping bubbles along with vanilla and blueberry popping bubbles.


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