Mrs O's Donut Mix review

For those who enjoy fuss free baking - Mrs O has a variety of different mixes, which require a few simple ingredients before being turned into a delicious dessert. Apart from being incredibly easy to make, what I love the most about all the mixes are that they all free from dairy, egg, gluten and soya. 

After previously trying the vanilla cake mix (full review here), I was delighted to be able to be a donut mix tester. 

Made by adding a few extra ingredients (milk, oil, vanilla extract and butter), you'll have beautifully baked donuts in minutes! Topped with a shiny chocolate glaze, these donuts make a great treat.

Baking: The instructions are very easy to follow and the recipe does not call for expensive ingredients to make the donuts, which is another bonus! At first, the mixture may look lumpy but as you continue to stir it becomes smooth very quickly. When piping the mixture into a donut tin, it was a very similar consistency to churros but it didn’t show as much once fully baked.

Glazing: I absolutely love the glaze! It’s so shiny once all mixed in. My tip would be to sieve the cocoa powder before adding the syrup to prevent lots of little cocoa clusters appearing.

Final verdict: Overall the donuts looked beautiful and even my parents liked it. My mum said it tasted like chocolate (dairy) eclairs! They are a very different texture from the deep fried style doughnuts but is a healthier and baked alternative.  


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