MBT Meetup at Prime Gelato

For those who follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I organised my first blogger meetup! Happy to host us and tell us all about his ice creams was Mirko, the owner of Prime Gelato.

Based just a few minutes away from Tottenham Court Road station, you’ll find this small but modern gelatoria, filled with 27 different flavours! Within those 27 flavours a dozen of those are vegan and also gluten free flavours. Long gone are the days where we could only choose between lemon or raspberry sorbet. Vegans can now treat themselves to a range of creamy, nutty sorbets and refreshing, fruity ones. 

Vegan sorbets 

Sorbets are usually thought as an icy, creamless alternative to ice cream. However, using the top of the range ice cream machines, Mirko makes sure that all his sorbets are free from those crunchy ice granules and are super creamy by using the natural fats from the nuts. Here are all the vegan flavours available, which can change:

Hazelnut and Coffee
If you love coffee, the hazelnut and coffee truly captures the essence. Made with Brazilian coffee beans, the combination creates a hint of chocolate.

Thai coconut and Hazelnut
This sorbet is light and creamy and reminded me of the sweet coconuts in Asia.

Recognisable by its distinctive green colour and its sweet and savoury flavour, the pistachio will leave you wanting more. 

Dark chocolate
The dark chocolate was less creamy than the nut flavours due to the absence of nut fats but is perfect for those who like a high percentage of cocoa.

Candied walnut
This flavour contains all the sweet spices of Christmas. It has hints of cinnamon but isn’t overpowering. A well balanced and festive flavour. 

Hazelnut or also known as mi amore, is such a delightful flavour. Every spoonful is smooth and very easy to eat. Sourced from Italy and made with the same hazelnuts as Ferrero Rocher, you’re guaranteed a luxurious and deliciously creamy sorbet

Made with blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, this flavour is berryful! Unlike other sorbets I’ve had in the past, this one isn’t sharp and make you wince. Instead, it is a pleasantly sweet and well balanced sorbet.

I don't tend to go for mango flavoured things as I find them too artificial but as real fruit is used, it's just like the real thing but without all those stringy fibres! Smooth and sweet, it will satisfy any mango lover.

Blood orange 
I love blood orange. It is a great summery flavour, which is refreshingly sweet. Mirko has captured the delicious fruit and vibrance in his sorbet, which can now be enjoyed all year round!

I did find this flavour much sweeter than the others. I think if combined with the dark chocolate sorbet, it'll be the perfect bitter sweet combination.

Take your tastebuds to the tropics with a spoonful of this sorbet! Fruity, sweet and just like the juicy pineapples, it's very refreshing.

Other flavours

We were treated to some special samples, which included lucuma, sweet purple potato, adzuki black sesame and durian. These are all vegan friendly and are so different to all of the sorbets I've eaten. My favourite would have to be the durian!

Now I know some of you might read this and either pull a face of disgust or delight! I am a fan of durian, which is also known as the smelly, spiky fruit. I was brought up with it but as a child, I wasn't always so keen on it. However, as they say your tastebuds change every 7 years, I now enjoy the fruit but only if it's sweet. Made using real durian pulp, this pungent fruit has been transformed into a beautiful ice cream. It is so sweet and tastes even better than some of the durians I've eaten! Unfortunately, this flavour is not being sold in the shop but is being made especially for a restaurant. 

If you're looking to enjoy authentic Italian ice cream and sorbets without packing your suitcase, then a trip to Prime Gelato is recommended! 
A big thank you to Mirko and all of the lovely bloggers who came along and made Make – Bake - Travel's first meet up happen!


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