Homemade Pulled Pork Ramen Burgers

Hello my lovely readers! Hope you're hungry! I fell in love with a Pulled Pork Ramen burger that I found in Greenwich Market, made by Pimp My Ramen but unfortunately he doesn't live next door to me :(

So I decided to make my own and here's how!

You'll need:
2 packets of cooked, cold instant noodles
A packet of your favourite leafy salad
Pulled pork (I chose M&S)
Olive oil
A small bowl or bun sized cutter to shape the noodle buns

How To Make:
Place some cling film into the small bowl (if you're using one) and press some noodles into it using the back of a spoon, gradually adding more till the noodles almost reach the top of the bowl. 
Take the overhanging corners of the cling film and lift the noodles out of the bowl. Wrap the edges over the bottom of the noodles and flip over. Reshape them using your hands. As you can see from the photo below, we made the noodles that 20mins before so it didn't stay in shape when cooking!
In a heated frying pan with oil, fry the noodles till it is crispy - but not burnt!

Layer the burger as you would normally, noodles, pulled pork, salad leaves and noodles and enjoy :)


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