Monograph Japanese Supperclub

After months of wanting to go this East London based supperclub, the day finally arrived!

On the menu were four courses, which were explained on individual stickers:

Watercress, tofu, katsuobushi, red shiso & ponzu
Udon noodles with smoked mackerel and mixed seaweeds
24 hour marinated saikyo-miso salmon and Japanese short grain rice 
Matcha doriyaki, chocolate mocha, aka daifuku 

I found the watercress fresh but very overpowering. The tofu balanced out the very strong flavour but there wasn't an even ratio of tofu to watercress so I couldn't finish all of the watercress. The little bottles of ponzu added a touch of tanginess that binded the ingredients together. 

The udon dish was amazing. I loved the hint of lemon running through the small grilled pieces of mackerel. I'm not even a fan of mackerel but it was cooked perfectly. The silky and flavoursome broth was delicious, I wanted to drink every last drop - so I did. After this course, I was comfortably full and content, but there was yet a further two courses..

Next was the highly talked about salmon. The description made my mouth water when I was reading it online and couldn't wait to try it.
It was so soft and tender - it has the partial look of sashimi and cooked salmon. The creamy texture just melted in your mouth. I felt like it needed a bit of salad or something to accompany it but maybe I was just full.
I liked the sesame seeds sprinkled on top of the rice - gave it a crunchy and soft texture.

Finally the dessert! Served in a box were green tea doriyaki, red bean mochi and chocolate mochi ice cream. I was looking forward to eating the doriyaki but there we were only given a quarter of each dessert :(

There were Japanese videos played in between the courses, which played on your sense of hearing and what you can feel but I wasn't quite sure how it tied in with the eating experience. I did recognise the Fit's chewing gum advert :) As there were 50 of us dining that night, the host decided to pass his phone around, which was connected to a projector. We were then told to introduce ourselves. Although I enjoyed listening to everyone, I did find it nerve-wracking and didn't really enjoy being put on the spot. Plus I just wanted to eat..

Overall, I'd recommend Monograph, especially the udon noodle dish. I would eat that any day :)

Want to try it? Check out Tabl's website or Monograph's to book your spot now :)


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