Sacla' 25 Years Celebration

Ciao! So this post is all about Salca celebrating their 25 years with an all day event based in London! I booked my two free tickets months in advance and had no idea what to expect.

Inside the Vinyl Factory were food stalls spaces around the hall, including sliced meats, espresso, cheese, ice cream, juice, sandwiches, wine and nearly all of Sacla's pesto's and dipping sauces. There were also live demonstrations by Theo Randall throughout the day :)

First stall to visit - Ham! I had prosciutto and cubed ham and pieces of focaccia to go with it. The breadsticks were yummy too.

I skipped the cheese, wine and espresso stall and went to the drinks bar. 

Here I found three different flavoured bottles of sparkling juice. I went for a ruby orange one. Packaged in a glass bottle and served with a straw, it looked so pretty and tasted delicious too.

Next was Sacla's cart, packed with so many different things to try. Not only could we try as much as we want, we also got some of those products to take home in our goodie bag!


I loved the aubergine pesto as not only did it taste great but was dairy free too! I wish that had been in my goodie bag :) Would have loved to have tried the dairy free pesto range but they didn't have any on their stall.

We didn't get to meet Aldo Zilli but we did find his banner and offer him some focaccia :p

Although I was pretty full of focaccia, I couldn't resist trying the cute half sized focaccia with sundried tomatoes and grilled courgette. Made by Doppiozero, they are great for lunch and can be delivered to your office :) They also do full sized ones - I just couldn't eat any more focaccia!

We finally found the ice cream that had been offering samples of basil pesto ice cream. I couldn't try it as it had dairy but most people thought it was interesting or just thought it didn't work. 

I did however try the strawberry sorbet. Even though I asked for a small cup, it looked huge! Nonetheless I ate it all :p It was creamy and didn't have that sickly sweetness but I felt like it was missing something. 
Last thing to do was watch Theo Randall (Michelin star chef) make pesto using fresh ingredients and a pestle and mortar!

The aroma that came out of the basil made everyone even more eager to try the pesto. Using sea salt, Parmesan, basil and water you can make fresh pesto in 10 minutes and it's a good work out!

Thanks for the demo Theo, it was lovely to meet you :)

Just when I thought they had run out of goodie bags, I was shocked to see a whole room just filled with big white bags - packed full of food. It was so heavy with all the glass packaging but I managed to carry it all the way home. 

Thank you Sacla for my goodie bag! Can't wait to try all of it :)

Don't forget to check out Sacla's website for lots of recipes and ideas:


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