ToyCon, Netil Market and Broadway Market

My sister invited me to go ToyCon with her and after finding out it was in Bethnal Green, how could I not take her to Netil Market! 

After my first visit, where I discovered Yeast bakery (in my previous post), I couldnt resist getting another one :)

First stop: ToyCon
An annual event, where artists and designers can sell or buy handmade creations such as paintings, plush toys to vinyl toys.

One of my favourite ones was by Jerimiah Ketner, who is from America and has an artistic orientalist flair. 
Check out SukiSuki's page for more photos!

Next stop: Netil Market
After picking up some croissants and a macaroon from Yeast, we headed to see what we could have for lunch. I was thinking maybe Little Bao but they had already closed up.
Then I spotted lots of pretty looking cakes at Victoria Yum..
What I love about this place is that all the cakes are baked in their bitesize bakery! From brownies, cupcakes and loaves, there is something for everyone :)
I went for a very dark chocolate cake with berries, made with avocado so it is vegan friendly! It was a little on the bitter side for me but those who don't have a sweet tooth would love it.
My sister had the banana and honey loaf with the most amazing peanut butter frosting. It was so good, you could just eat the frosting on its own! Excuse the piece missing from the cake.. Marianna had already tucked in before I could take a photo!

Final stop: Broadway Market
Just a 2 minute walk from Netil Market, you'll find a hustling and bustling market, full of different foods, books, drinks and handmade things.
I was tempted by the smoked salmon stall and ended up having a piece on a slice of bread topped with dill. Marianna tried it with the cream and said it didn't compliment the salmon - just covered it up.

Just round the corner, was the schoolyard where you can find another area of food stalls. Marianna couldn't say no to a Costa Rican coconut. It didn't have as much flesh as a Malaysian coconut but was still just as nice. The stall owner chopped the coconut into 3 pieces after we had drank the water and we used the shell as spoon to scoop the flesh out. A little messy - hence no photo I'm afraid.. but here's one after we'd finished :)


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