Urban Relaxation Massage

It's the weekend! After a stressful week, nothing sounds better than unwinding with a full body massage..

I decided to trust TimeOut and try out a 1 hour massage at Urban Relaxation.

Purchasing a voucher through TimeOut meant I had to book an appointment via email, providing 3 dates and times that I could do, but it was simple enough. Audrey replied and seemed accommodating and friendly.
When it came to locating the building, it wasn't as easy as I thought. I asked many people and ended up going round in circles until I found a trusty Postie who pointed me in the right direction.

I arrived outside Chocolate Studios expecting to be greeted by a receptionist but there was only one locked main door leading to many apartments. I tried knocking, buzzing flats starting with number 1 to 7 and got some angry dwellers. With no luck, I headed for the stairwell but that was also locked. I rang the number on the website several times but no one picked up, which made me stressed and worried that this had all been a scam!

Thankfully Audrey called me back 5 minutes later and told me to buzz Flat 28 and let me in..

Turns out what I had imagined was completely incorrect. Urban Relaxation wasn't in it's own building - it was based on the fourth floor in an apartment!

Still feeling flustered but also slightly relieved, Audrey sat me down to fill in a quick form to find out a bit about me and offered me a glass of water. I was then shown to the room, which had a few lit candles, soft music and a massage bed. What made me a little uncomfortable was the large window showing the roads of the street and other buildings in close proximity and the lack of curtains when getting dressed!

After reviewing my form, Audrey was very observant and recommended using almond oil as well as coconut oil for my skin. The massage lasted for just under an hour but all my tension was washed away and I left feeling relaxed and very very sleepy.

Despite the un-relaxing beginning, I would definitely recommend Urban Relaxation. It may be in a different environment but Audrey is really attentive - focussing on any tension she finds and only uses natural products, so it is better for your skin and body.


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