Cabra Castle in Dublin

In June, I was invited to Ken's cousin's wedding. We flew all the way to Dublin (on the day of the wedding) and arrived at 10am. 
After what took hours to pick up the rental cars (do not use Thrifty!), we made our way to Cabra Castle. 

Hidden in the green fields, away from all the hustle and bustle was the beautiful castle. Just as we stopped to pick up our keys, I saw a huge dog! I wanted to go and take a closer look at him but it started to rain and we in such a rush. 

The ceremony was lovely and the bride looked beautiful :) 
After the ceremony, we headed back to Cabra Castle, where we had some sandwiches, biscuits and tea and were able to explore before dinner. 

I tried to look for Oscar (the huge wolfhound) but he was no where to been seen :( 
Everywhere we walked was picturesque! It was hard not to stop and take photos :)

The dinner hall was beautiful! The tables, chairs, chandeliers :)

For dinner, we could have both starters! 
For our main course, we were able to choose between chicken, fish or beef :) Each dish was served with roast potatoes, roasted veg, cauliflower cheese and mash, all delivered to your plate when requested!
I loved the dessert - a combo of ice cream, chocolate fondant followed by tea and coffee afterwards. 

After dinner, there was a lion dance, where I got lettuce thrown in my face! It's meant to be good luck (didn't stop me from screaming in shock though) >.<

To recover from our 4am wake up and travelling hundreds of miles, I was glad to find that this was our room:

The best part was breakfast the next morning!

It was presented so neatly and tasted amazing and I couldn't wait to try the white pudding! White pudding is pork mixed with oats, rolled into a sausage shape and then cut into slices - delicious!

Not only could we choose from a range of dishes, we were able to help ourselves to the fruit, tea, jams, pastries. Our toast was freshly made and served in a napkin to keep it warm. I wish I had had room for more but I was so full after my full English breakfast! 

When we checked out, I still couldn't find Oscar. I assumed he had gone out for a walk. But it was only when we had returned home that I found out he has passed away that day :( 
Photo credit: klally6
Cabra Castle is a beautiful venue for a wedding, with its stunning halls, front lawn, wonderful service and elegant rooms. If you do stay here, wake up early and get yourself to the dining hall - breakfast here is something that shouldn't be missed! 


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