Le Grill - Tabl

I was kindly given tickets by Sarah from Zomato to this supper club hosted in Shoreditch and it was amazing!

I've never been to one before and for those who haven't heard of supper club, it's where a cook hosts a dinner party (usually 10-12 people depending on their space) at their house or a rented space. 

Le Grill was hosted by Carine and Tabl, which was held at a cafe, joined by bloggers, friends and Tabl members of staff. I was so happy to be seated next to Tim, who is also another blogger :) 

For those who aren't familiar with Tabl, they are the new home for pop-up kitchens, "secret" supper clubs and food adventures. They can be a one-off event or a regular treat, taking place somewhere unexpected, often in private residences providing a shared and social dining experience. The location changes each time so make sure you book your ticket online - it's free to join :)  

Here comes The Food
We were given freshly deep fried banana fritters, which had a salty batter but went well with Carine's green basil sauce and her hot chilli sauce (both yet to be named!). The hot sauce was mild at first and then became really spicy so eat with caution! As you can see Tim's face below :p

Next our starter - grilled mackerel with a delicate garnishing of red pickled onion, tiny gem, pak choi and I think a thinly sliced carrot.

To cleanse our palette, we were served green salad which came with a tangy but dressing. It tasted like a berry kind of vinaigrette and was dusted with black pepper :)

For our mains, we were each served a grilled 1/4 chicken, which smelt incredible before having the first bite! We had fun guessing but never had the chance to ask! It was smokey, herby with maybe a hint of lemon..? Definitely seasoned to perfection! As well as being drizzled with Carine's green sauce, it came with sweet potato chips and Boston beans. Yum.

In between our courses, we were given the chance to win a hamper by naming Carine's 3 sauces, where she would later pick one to be voted for!
Final course - dessert!
Warm chocolate brownie served with elderflower ice cream, redcurrants and a thin slice of syrup tossed pineapple. It was as good as it sounds! The brownie was dark and rich but the redcurrants gave a burst of sharpness counteracting the sweetness :) 

The whole event was so enjoyable and the food was delicious! I would definitely recommended attending Carine's next supper club on the 18th December!
Also thank you Carine for a wonderful three course meal, you were a great host and chef :)


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