Dishoom Shoreditch

After hearing only good things about this restaurant, I thought it'd be the perfect place to visit on my relaxation weekend, since we were in vicinity of Shoreditch. 

Being organised I looked up on their website to find that they don't take bookings past 5:30pm if less than 6 people. I thought it wouldn't be too bad but on a Friday night - it seemed like the place to go as we queued for over 2 hours!!
Unlike most restaurants, queueing customers were served shots of lemonade / sherry / chai tea to keep us refreshed and warm, which I thought was a nice gesture :)

It took us 1.5 hours just to reach the door before we were given a buzzer and told we could order drinks and nibbles at the bar whilst waiting. 

Being hungry, we ordered lamb samosas. There were only two in the bowl, which was a little disappointing but the taste was delicious! We were also offered a little plate of dips, including chutney, mint and a spicy dip. 

Finally our buzzer went off and we were seated at the mezzanine. We ordered 2 lamb raans, roti, black daal and okra fries as Zomato recommended. Here's what it all looked like:

The lamb raan bun was great and I'm not even a lamb person! It was packed with so much lamb, I didn't know how to eat it without making a mess (but I succeeded!). 
My 'I will eat you all bun' face :)
The slaw on the side was really good too. The raita chips were more like crushed McCoy's crisps, not much to it but quite a nice texture to have with the bun. 

The roti, which was served in a deep metal box, went well with the creamy daal but I didn't expect to get only one piece of roti, so the ratio of roti to daal was quite uneven. 

The okra fries were well seasoned and I loved the batter on it. Gave it a nice crunch when you took a bite :)

I would recommend Dishroom but probably best to not go at the weekend unless you're willing to wait for a couple of hours. Also if you want to try the lamb raan bun, you'll have to visit the Shoreditch branch as they only serve it there. 


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