Collagen+ Beauty Milk and UFit Protein Drinks

After meeting Protein Drinks Co twice at The Bloggers Hangout, I was kindly sent two cases   of drinks to try! For those who have seen these two drinks on the shelves but were wondering what they are like, you've come to the right place :)

Collagen+ Beauty Milk 
I'll start with the Collagen+ Beauty Milk, which comes in a cute, little red bottle - perfect to take with you on the go and fit in your handbag! This drink is enriched with essential vitamins, potent antioxidants and hunger fighting protein. 
The strawberry flavour is pleasant, light and not sickly sweet. It's very smooth, just like a strawberry milkshake and refreshing too.

With such a generous supply (a case of 12 bottles!), I decided to share them with two mums (mine + boyfriend's) to see and write what they thought of them:

"Some may find it a bit too sweet but if you have a sweet tooth, it'll be just right"
"A good drink to have any time of the day, whether it's hot or cold outside"
"Can be enjoyed in between meals but preferred at the start of the day"
"I found the strawberry flavour quite strong"
"It wasn't too sweet and much smoother than milkshakes - I like it!"

You can purchase these little milkshakes in Superdrug or a case of 24 bottles on the Protein Drinks Co's website

Ufit Shake
This drink is packed with 22g of protein and has added fibre, vitamins and minerals. Best part - it's chocolate flavour!
The consistency is more like milk rather than a milkshake as it's very liquid but smooth. It's not as sweet as I had anticipated but the chocolate flavour is good. I found that there was quite a bit of chocolate at the bottom of the bottle after shaking it so shake it well :p

These drinks can be bought in Tesco, from Ocado and Amazon and from Protein Drinks Co's website

Thank you so much Protein Drinks Co! The drinks were very much enjoyed and it was lovely meeting you :) 

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