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Who's taking part in Veganuary this month? :) For those who haven't heard of Veganuary, it's where you eat vegan food for the whole of January!

Some may think it's just a fad or are extremely against veganism but you may have been already eating vegan products without even knowing it :) For example: Oreos, Jammie Dodgers, Heineken, Carlsberg, even Smokey Bacon Pringles are all vegan! See it's not as bad as you think :)

Not only is it better for your health but it also helps the environment and no animals are harmed, so why not give it a go? To help you get started you can visit: 

After hosting a discussion on Twitter with @fdbloggers, I've come up with a list of the must try vegan chocolate brands :) So if you're feeling tempted but need some convincing, why not start with a bit of chocolate? :)

Here is a list of some amazing chocolates to help fix those cravings:

Cocoa By L
Now this lady set herself a challenge of making dairy free and completely vegan chocolates that do not contain dates but just pure chocolate, giving it that rich, indulgent taste. You’d never be able to taste the difference. After meeting her at The Blogger’s Hangout, I got to try all 8 flavours: including espresso, coconut, sea salted caramel, chai. Thank you for gifting me :) You can order online or find her in Camden. 

After discovering Pacari at The Chocolate Festival, I was so happy to restock on my favourite chocolate fig bars. Pacari are known for specialising in dark chocolate and are also soya-free :) They have a wide-range of flavours including the refreshing lemongrass, chilli, golden berries, so you can always find something for everyone. Thank you for the samples Pacari :)

Moo Free
Fed up of only having vegan dark chocolate? Try Moo Free :) One of my designer friends at work kindly bought a mini santa and it was delicious! Not only is a milk-chocolate alternative, they use rice milk and it comes in range of different flavours that you won’t be able to resist :) You can find them in health shops, like Wholefoods and Holland & Barrett.

This brand can be found in Holland & Barrett. They recently had some adorable peppermint dark chocolate penguins in time for the Christmas period. I hadn’t heard of CocoaLibre until my friend had bought it for me. They are great if you want just a little bit of chocolate but enough to satisfy a minty craving.

Doisy & Dam
I first spotted this brand in Wholefoods but was given a bar of orange and goji berry chocolate for my birthday. If you’re looking for dark chocolate with superfoods - make sure you try this brand. The dark chocolate is balanced out with the natural sweetness from the goji berries. 

Love Chock
I was taken by surprise with this flavour as I'm not much of a berry fan but their Mulberry and Vanilla chocolate bar was so delicious, I ended up eating the whole bar in one go! I would definitely recommend trying this brand :)

I haven’t tried these brands yet but thought I’d give them a mention:
  • Booja Booja (chocolates)
  • Vego (chocolate bar)
  • Sweet Freedom (hot chocolate)


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