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Love Korean BBQ and a 50% discount? Keep reading!

Ken's brother and sister-in-law invited us out for dinner at Superstar BBQ - a new Korean BBQ restaurant in Tottenham Court Road. Having been there last week, they thought the food was good but the promotion even better!

After looking at their menu online, I couldn't wait to try the food :) Plus I've only been to one Korean BBQ restaurant and thought it was so so.

Arriving just after 6pm on a Thursday night, I was able to get a table straight away. We spent quite a long time deciding and weren't sure if we had ordered enough or too much. Here's what we chose from the 6 page menu:

We ordered two cups of hot honey quince tea and two cups of korean green tea. The honey quince tea has a sweet and sour taste, similar to clementines and a bit like yuzu. It became very concentrated at the bottom of the cup so you might need some extra water to dilute it. The korean green tea has a great nutty flavour to it and would recommend it. It's £1.60 for a pot but we were only given one pot but charged for two.. I only realised this after we had left so make sure you check your bill at the end.

KFC! That stands for Korean Fried Chicken :) It comes in three different sizes (5 pieces / 10 pieces / 22 pieces) and you can choose from three different sauces (kimchi Mayo, special soy and sweet chilli). You are allowed to request extra sauce or have a mix of sauces if you order 10 or more pieces. 
Our small plate of kimchi arrived and it was presented in a cute little roll. It has a bit of kick to it so beware if you're not a fan of spice. I've never been fond of kimchi but I didn't mind the pickled taste of this one.
The rice cakes were nice but not the best I had. Although these are known to have a sense structure (giving it that chewiness to it), I think they would have been nicer in small pieces. 

Next to arrive were our plates of raw ingredients for the grill. Without the discount I found it to be quite expensive as everything is priced per 100g (unless stated).
It was quite fun putting the food on to the grill and cooking it. The wine pork belly had a subtle hint of wine and reminded me of my mum's steamed brandy pork. It came in small and very thin slices so it cooked quickly. You have the option of putting the cooked meat into lettuce leaves and dipping into the miso paste but I found the paste to overpowering and it cancelled out the yummy chargrilled taste. 
I really loved the flavour of the grilled mixed mushrooms. It had had a roasted and nutty flavour - yum! 

With a lot of meat dishes on our table I was tempted by the tofu bibimbap. We also ordered the lamb bibimbap and shared both out. When ordering you have the choice of hot stone or traditional (though some may only be served in a hot stone bowl). The bibimbap itself is £7.50 and you can choose the meat/veg to go with it at extra charge. I really liked the tofu bibimbap! They used shredded pieces of firm tofu and the rice even crisped up :)

The lamb bibimbap very tasty and I picked up a hint of coconut. The only downside was the lamb was very chewy and served in large chunks. 

As we were seated by the entrance, a queue began to build up behind us. With still a bit more room for food, we ordered another plate of wine pork belly and 5 pieces of special soy KFC. 
One of the waitresses kindly changed our grill plate and replaced it with a fresh one. After that, we had a series of waiters and waitresses repeatedly visiting our table. One even put the pork belly on the grill for us..
We weren't given a time limit but it was made clear they wanted us out. I couldn't help but feel rushed as they started clearing the table whilst I was still eating my plate of rice. Our drinks were almost taken away too!

Overall, I think Superstar BBQ would be a great place for a date as you can interact, try and share lots of different foods together. However it might not suit everyone's bank balance.. 
It was a bit cold inside but I'm guessing thatwas for ventilation reasons. The ambience is quite relaxed with just the right amount of lighting. I would definitely go back for the tofu bibimbap. 50% off promotion ends Sat 30th Jan so be quick!

Thank you Kev and Ka Yan for a lovely dinner :)

4 Central St Giles Piazza


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