Eat Tokyo Soho

I woke up with a craving for sushi so our Thursday evening became a spontaneous date night :) After being recommended Eat Tokyo by many of our friends, we thought we'd give it a try.

With a huge menu to choose from, we knew it would take a while to decide so we ordered some deep fried soft shell crab and some agedeshi tofu to munch on whilst we flicked through the menu.
The soft shell crab was very crispy but a little bit on the fishy side once you reached the middle of the crab. The lemon went well with it but I mostly used it to give it some flavour and to hide the fishiness.. I'd say the legs were the best part but definitely not worth £7.50.

I was really looking forward to the agedeshi tofu as it's one of my favourite things to eat but was really disappointed to find it was so so bland. Adding soy sauce helped a bit but I wouldn't recommend trying it here.
After spotting the Japanese soda on the menu I couldn't resist having one. The date on the bottle was a bit worrying but I'm hoping it's meant to be backwards, otherwise I drank a 10 year old lemonade! Ken went for the Calpico and found it quite sweet. 

It was quite hard to get service but when we did, we ordered a regular chicken katsu curry, a chef's sushi boat and a big ramen.. Even the waitress raised her eyebrow..

Just to show how big it was, here's Ken before he was almost defeated! 
Next to arrive was the Chef's sushi boat, which came with a colourful selection of tuna, salmon and seabass sashimi; salmon, prawn and tuna nigiri and salmon avocado rolls.
The salmon sashimi was a bit tough to chew and the seabass sashimi was a bit salty but I loved the tuna. It was definitely a struggle to finish and I even helped Ken out with his ramen! We had eaten so much sushi - we actually felt drunk. I think for £20 it is good value for money.
My chicken katsu curry was last to arrive but I knew as soon as I saw it that I wouldn't be able to finish it. I loved the sauce and crispy chicken. The potatoes were a bit undercooked but apart from that it was enjoyable.

There are 4 other branches so check out their website to find your nearest one. It is known to get quite busy at all of the branches so make sure you book a table. We risked it and turned up as they save a few tables for walk-ins.

Eat Tokyo Soho
16 Old Compton Street


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