The Bloggers Hangout Tea Party

I was looking forward to going this event as there were a few new brands I hadn't heard of and wanted to meet. This time, the event was held at The Pop Up Patio near Moorgate. 

It was pretty busy inside but managed to make my way to Snact's stall. Not only are Snact's fruit jerky vegan + gluten free but they are made from all the 'not so pretty' fruit that no one wants to buy and turned into tasty, healthy fruit strips :)
They are available in two flavours - apple & mango and apple & raspberry. As well as the fruity taste, I love the fact Snact are tackling food waste!

Bio-tiful Dairy
This little drink is a kefir smoothie and comes in two flavours: cherry and honey & mint. 
Although it is made from dairy, the lactose has been removed, leaving nothing but the goodness. It's even good for digestion, metabolism and the immune system!

Next was Chika's. You may recognise them from Dragon's Den but they chose to decline and go it alone and make some pretty tasty and very healthy snacks!
Despite only using very few ingredients, they are very moreish. I loved the hand cooked plantain crisps as well as the salt and pepper cashew nuts. Can't wait to try the peanut cookie recipe that came with my sample :)

The Cocoa Den
This lady makes very yummy chocolates as well as very different designs! 
My favourite truffle was the salted pretzel with the soft, creamy milk chocolate centre. Delish..
The dark chocolate raspberry truffle was not too sweet or dark but I liked that there wasn't a sharp, bitterness that can sometimes occur when using raspberries. Unfortunately I can't remember the other flavours but they were very much enjoyed :)

Just Bee 
This company were the friendliest stall but are best known for their refreshingly healthy, low calorie drinks. 
Using honey grown by Joe's dad, it is then added to three different flavours to produce Just Bee's drinks. It is hard to pick a favourite as I loved the blueberry one as much as the apple & ginger one.
It is as clear and light as water but the smell and taste are all prominent. Would definitely recommend :)

Jake's Boost 
After having a little sample of this multi-nut butter with some dried apple pieces, I was sad to be only given a small sample to take home as it tasted so good!

Not only can this nut butter be used as a spread but it can be added to frozen bananas, porridge and crackers.
Mead Ho
This is a brand for all the beer lovers and non-beer lovers. This beer is made with honey so it has a dark sweetness to it and still has the aftertaste of a light beer.
I really really don't like beer but I was glad to be able to take a bottle of this honey beer home with me :)

Who loves matcha green tea? If you do, Modo comes in two fruity flavours: pineapple and lemon. Both cold pressed with matcha, all the health properties are kept within the drink. So it increases your concentration, energy levels and metabolism and strengthens your immune systems.
I would say the pineapple has a slight seaweed taste and then the matcha (which tastes like the one I had in Japan) comes through but the lemon is distinctive followed by the taste of matcha.

Pic's Peanut Butter
This is New Zealand and Singapore's number 1 Peanut Butter and when you taste it you'll know why. No added sugar or oil, just a pinch of sea salt to make it extra tasty and addictive. My favourite thing to eat them with is Ritz crackers!

Last stall to visit was Chai Latte. Unfortunately I wasn't able to try this product as it contains dairy but the range of flavours are ever so tempting and the display looked so colourful I had to take a photo :)

Another great event from The Bloggers Hangout! Was lovely to meet you all :)


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