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Over the past month I've been sent quite a few gifts to review from brands collaborating with The Bloggers Hangout. So I thought I'd write one big post about all the brands who have gifted me in the order I received them :)

I recognised this brand as soon as it arrived as my sister had found it in Italy and loved it!
Packaged in a bright green tube, this cream certainly stands out. It has a strong scent of lemon and herbs, giving it a fresh aroma. It hydrates dry skin but leaves a very shiny and slightly sticky finish on your skin. I have eczema so have very dry skin but I found the Skin Food cream only coated my skin rather than soften it. However it suits my sensitive skin and doesn't irritate it. So if you're looking for a cream that used only natural ingredients, give Weleda a try.

SBC Aloe Vera Skincare Gel
I was so happy to be gifted my chosen SBC product! Fed up of creams for my eczema, I was hoping this gel would be just as good as the reviews!

I loved the bright green colour and the smell of it. I put about a pea-size amount on my red skin and it instantly felt cool and reduced the redness! It quickly absorbed into my skin without leaving a greasy feel. It would be perfect for sunburns but for would avoid open skin as I found it to sting a bit. I've been using it for a week now and would definitely recommend. Thank you SBC!

I've always loved matcha but since my trip to Japan I've been on the hunt for it, so when this arrived, I couldn't wait to try it.

This company specialise in nail wraps but not only are they so pretty, they are toxic free! 
Having discovered that I'm allergic to something in nail varnishes, I was super excited about trying Dinkibelle nail wraps!
I was so happy to be sent the ones I requested and tried them on as soon as they arrived :) 

I've never used nail wraps before but they were so easy to use. 

Simply clean and buff your nails and wipe down with nail varnish remover.
Cut the nail wraps to match your nail and then peel off the plastic top and the bottom to reveal the sticky part.
Place on your nail, starting near your cuticle. 

You can add a top coat to make your nail wraps last even longer - just make sure it's not a fast drying one. 
I found that the nail wraps are waterproof and pretty durable but can come off easily in the shower.
It's definitely better to cut the nail wraps smaller than your nail as any excess will cause the wrap to peel off quicker. 

They're sold for £6.99 each or £15.99 for the Spring Collection, where you get 3 different designs in one set. Thank you Dinkibelle! I absolutely love them and can't wait to show them off at my new job! 


  1. Ooh that aloe vera gel looks good! Might need to try me some of that!


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