A Little Lusciousness Review

Alexandra (also known as @AKBoogie) invited me to have brunch at A Little Lusciousness, my first GrubClub! Hosted and cooked by Rosie, we were in for a very filling meal :)

Despite having allergies, Rosie catered for me, excluding and altering any of her dishes that contained dairy. Even Alexandra couldn't resist trying some of mine :p

Let's get to the food!

First course - Beer bread with cranberries and sunflower seeds, smoked salmon slices with samphire and beetroot jelly (we think). 
The original dish was salmon mousse and a different bread served with homemade butter but the beer bread I was given was so soft and delicious, it really didn't need anything else to accompany it! I wasn't too sure about the slice of purple jelly as it was a bit too sharp and an odd flavour for me but I loved the smoked salmon slices. 

Second course - 24 hour slow cooked pork, naked slaw, new potato salad and raw apple
This was amazing. Tender, well-seasoned shredded pork in a very generous heap. What more could you want? The new potato salad decorated with two quail egg halves was so yummy, it's inspired me to make some for lunch (but I doubt it'll be as tasty).

Third course - Dairy Free Rocky Road
The original dish was lemon posset with a rhubarb soldier. I was given my own cookie-shaped rocky road :)
I loved the pomegranate pieces hidden inside, as it added a burst of sweetness to balance out the dark taste of chocolate. Unfortunately, after a few bites, I found a hair in my mouth, which wasn't mine and had to leave Rocky to rest. 

Fourth course - Cheeseboard
I'm not used to having cheese boards in general but I do find it weird that the English like to have it as dessert. Nonetheless I was really happy I could have and try Goats Cheese Gouda :) It was creamy and soft and went really well with the fennel crackers but by that point I was so so stuffed, I couldn't finish it all :(

There was no fifth course for me as it contained dairy. For everyone else, they were given two chocolate gin infused truffles. 

Overall, I had a lovely afternoon with Alexandra and we definitely rolled out of Bart's with our full bellies. Despite the hairy finish and only having 4 courses, the slow cooked pork is the best I've eaten and would definitely recommend it :)

For £36 you can enjoy A Little Lusciousness too. Find Rosie's GrubClub here.


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