Free From Festival 2016

I had been eyeing up this event for months but had just missed out on the early bird tickets! Nonetheless  bought 3 tickets and invited my friend Victoria and her boyfriend along. 

I had no idea what to expect but planned to eat lots :) When we arrived it wasn't as big as I had imagined but still packed with lots of little stalls. Instantly I recognised quite a few of the stalls from previous blogger events, such as Coconut Collaborative, Chikas.

First stop: my first raw chocolate cheesecake from Nectar Foods. This creamy chocolate slice cost £3.50 

Next stop: Vegan Sweet Tooth
With such a stunning selection of cakes, it's no wonder they are Free From Festival's homepage! From brownies to tarts, there's something for everyone.
I must have spent over 15minutes just walking back and forth trying to decide what to buy! I finally chose something I don't normally go for - Black Forest gateaux made with avocados, cherries and chocolate for £3.50. 

I was tempted into buying a box of this pasta by Victoria and Val (as well as my love for chickpeas) - £2.50 a box. I was really excited to try it with the recommended recipe on the back. However, I found the pasta had a really rough texture and was so dry, it just crumbled when pierced with a fork. Although the taste was pleasant, I would have preferred it if it had the usual smooth texture and bite that pasta has. 

I was so happy to see Sara from Pomodoro e Basilico :) I used to stop by her stall when she was in Camden.

She makes everything from scratch - even the bread rolls! Here is the Bad Burger I had: 

After eating lots, I'm already looking forward to the one so will definitely be going again next year :)

Free From Festival
The Boiler House
152 Brick Lane
E1 6QL


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