So today's the day! The opening of Rawligion! I'm sure the name gives a clue but it's full of raw food, making it vegan friendly too :)

I was one of the lucky bloggers to get a sneak peek of what will be on the menu. Created by John Taba, it's clear to see that he is so passionate about creating delicious and healthy food for everyone as things you've never heard of have been used!

Here is John introducing and explaining to us what makes Rawligion, well Rawligion :)

Next part - sampling the drinks!

We started with a black coloured drink called John Dee. What makes it black is the charcoal and black volcanic salt, which you can't taste but can feel at the end of each sip. The grapefruit and lime in it make it refreshing.

This next one, Poseidon's Trident, could probably replace your coffee if you need a wake-me-up! It's so tangy from the lime, it shook off any sleepiness I was feeling from work.
Pretty in Pink - made with pomegranate, rose water and aloe vera and many other ingredients, this drink is great for the skin. It's pleasantly sweet and has a silky texture to it. Delicious.
The last drink to sample was by far the best milk I've ever had. It's made from walnuts, vanilla and sweetened with dates. I can not recommend it enough. They call it the Brain Boosting Milk and I will be coming back for this!
I got to try some coffee from the Japanese machine! How does it work? Water falls onto the coffee beans, a drop at a time and produces very smooth, pure coffee. 

It was a bit too strong for me so Vahid (John's dad) added some walnut milk to it and it was so so good. There was no need to add sugar as the medjool dates made it sweet enough. 
Here's Sheepa being the star bartender and following suit :)

Although things may look ordinary, they each have a twist to them. For example this isn't just falafel and houmous (no it's not M&S either...) It's courgette houmous with raw falafels, which are all handmade and have been dehydrated for 18 hours.
You can definitely taste the difference. It's not oily and the houmous has a slight hint of courgette but still has that thick, creamy texture.

My favourite savoury dish would have to be the "pad Thai", which might be renamed to Super Bowl. I loved the crunchy cashew nuts with the kick from the cayenne pepper. It was so yummy I forgot to take a photo!

The other two savoury dishes we got to try were the Tabbouleh and Kelp Noodles in Pesto. 

I was surprised I liked the tabbouleh as I'm not a fan of parsley and mint but it just complimented each ingredient and I couldn't even tell it was even in there! 
The pesto isn't made with pine nuts or any nuts so is perfect for those who suffer from nut allergies. Instead you'll find hemp seeds with nutritional yeast giving it a slightly cheesy flavour. The kelp noodles give it a refreshing crunch and aren't heavy like spaghetti. Definitely the most unique vegan pesto dish I've eaten!

I turned into a little piggy as soon as I saw the desserts. I just wanted to eat all of them as I knew none of them could affect my allergies :) 

The caramel shortbread was amazing. That base alone was a dessert in itself! Even just reading the list of ingredients made me crave it - especially the almond butter!

The chi lime pie looked so pretty. I must say I'm not a fan of citrus things but if you do like key lime pie, this is the one for you :)

After trying nearly all the dishes, I was so so full. I was so happy John let us take some home as a week is a long time to wait until I could come back :)

A lot of thought has been put into each and every dish and there's not enough packaging to write it all down so don't be afraid to pick his brains if you want more information! :)

Thank you John for having us and thank you Sheepa for organising such a great event! Can't wait to see both of you again :) 

3 Tottenham Street


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