Primrose Hill Festival

After reading TimeOut and spotting that a vegan baker was going to be there, I couldn't miss Primrose Hill Festival! 

From artwork to BBQ meats, you can be sure to find something to put a smile on your face :)

When we arrived, it was absolutely jam packed with people and lots and lots of dogs! For those of you who are owners, you can enter your pet into one of the many competitions :)

After navigating Pomodoro Basillico's vegan stall, I was upset to find out that all her Boston Donuts were sold out as well as everything else :( 

Searching for something to satisfy my chocolate craving, we ended up a French bakery stall, which sold everything from ├ęclairs to giant chocolate chip cookies. We went for a brownie and a chocolate tiffin triangle. Although the brownie was ok in flavour, it was perfectly baked. I think the chocolate tiffin slice lacked texture and looked better than it tasted..

After spotting a chalkboard with Greek food written on it, I couldn't be tempted by anything else. The only downside? The queue was 30-35 people long.. but I can say it was worth it! After having been to Kos 7 years ago I missed having Greek food, so chicken souvlaki it was!

The whole combo of grilled chicken with tomatoes, onions, seasoning in a warm Greek pitta bread was delicious! If only I wasn't allergic to their homemade tzatziki sauce :( 

Whether you're looking to try lots of different food or have a family day out, I'd recommend Primrose Hill Festival. It's also right next to Regents Park if you fancy looking at the views of London from the top of the hill :)

Primrose Hill


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