Aquapax Water

I happened to discover Aquapax whilst browsing in Selfridges and met the lovely founder - Neil Tomlinson :)

I hadn't heard of Aquapax before so was intrigued as to what made this water different from all the others.

Firstly, it's not in a bottle! I'm all for environmentally things and this ticks that box! Made from paper, this carton of water is recyclable and sustainable. #ditchtheplastic

Secondly, it's pure mineral water. I am quite fussy when it comes to water (just ask anyone who's lived with me). I've always been able to differentiate the taste of tap, filtered and bottled water, even water that's been stored in a thermos style container. So I was very curious to see how this tasted..

Neil told me to take an initial sip to clear my mouth palate of anything I'd eaten or drank before taking a second sip to really be able to taste the water. However I was surprised I couldn't taste anything, which is exactly how it should be. "Water should be like clean air, if you can detect anything it's not clean."

So this natural mineral water is sourced from the 101m deep Fläming Felsenquelle spring in Germany. It has a naturally perfect pH balance with ultra low nitrates. And if you're really into your water, here's a table to show:

Neil kindly sent me a box of 24 cartons to fully enjoy the pure taste of Aquapax water as well as introducing it to my mum as she likes to drink bottled water :)

I was keen to do a blind taste test with my mum using 3 different types of water: Filtered, bottled water (SmartWater) and Aquapax. Neil told me cold masks flavour so all the waters were stored at room temperature apart from the filtered water (which probably made the test unfair as it was from the cold tap).

After many sips and many changing guesses, my mum made her final guesses. She was able to guess the SmartWater but was wrong about the filtered and Aquapax. She found that there was no taste in the Aquapax water and thought that must be the filtered water! However once my mum was told, she was pleasantly surprised :)

Keen to upgrade your water and help the environment at the same time? You can find Aquapax in Waitrose or for a more cost effective purchase - you can buy them on Amazon and have it delivered to your door :)

The only thing I would say to improve would be the packaging as I found it very hard to get the last bit of water out of the carton and I don't like wastage :(

Thank you Neil for introducing me to Aquapax :)


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