The Bloggers Hangout Summer Hangout

With long working hours, it's difficult to attend weekday events. So when The Bloggers Hangout announced their event was also on a Saturday, I was so glad!

My friend Alex was also visiting for the weekend so I took him along :)

It was a sunny day but it was really hot inside. Luckily CocktailMania were at hand to help cool us all down with their ice slushies! Available in 3 flavours, it was hard to choose. 
After tweeting my order, we got to try the Blue W'ray cocktail, which contains their strongest rum. Yum. 

First stall to visit was Regenerate. I have sensitive teeth so was very excited to try find out more! In my goodie bag I was given a tube of toothpaste and a gum shield with a boosting serum that you wear for 3 minutes and it strengthens weakened enamel! Will update once I've tried it :)
The toothpaste is has a silky texture with a mild peppermint taste. Although it doesn't look any different to ordinary toothpaste, I found it doesn't foam. Not sure if that's just because I use an electric toothbrush. I've used it for 2 weeks now and can't say I've felt an instant change but I think I can tolerate ice cream a bit more - as long as I don't bite straight in to it.

Next stall - the cute and colourful Sass & Belle! I've already been looking up their products online so it was so nice to be able to see them up close and the creator in person :)
Not to mention how cute and generous their goodie bag was! I love every piece - especially the watermelon cup! Thank you so much Sass & Belle :)

These are no ordinary nail wraps. These Dinkibelle nail wraps have been created without all those nasty chemicals (5 free) so if you are allergic to nail varnish - give these a go. I honestly spent ages trying to decide which design to take home with me - there's just too much to choose from! My favourite design is the spring blossom, here's how it looks: 
A photo posted by Naomi Loo (@naomi_loo) on

Next stop - Faust's Potions. I was intrigued to find out what these potions could do so tried both. One is for giving you energy and the other is to help with sleep. As my friends know I'm always tired so thought this would be the one to start with. However the taste was so sharp and overwhelming, I had to have the Sleep Potion to counteract the tartness. The Sleep Potion was sweeter and a whole lot milder with a hint of berry. I'd definitely recommend a weaker concentration of the Awake Potion by diluting it. 
Our final stop - T-tox. I loved their cute little bottles of tea. There were 3 different flavours available to try but after trying all three, I knew I preferred their original matcha tea with no other flavours. What I liked the most was that it is quite versatile as it can be made with water (hot or cold), coconut water or even fruit juice. Thank you T-tox for my samples :)

Thanks to The Bloggers Hangout for organising an event that was on a weekend! Looking forward to the next one already :)


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