Potato Project

I kept seeing seeing so many posts and mentions about this place so I was curious to visit :)

Being only a 20 minute walk away from my office, it seemed like the perfect place to go with the cold and wet weather outside.

I was keen to try out their vegan option: sweet potato, pomegranate, kale with smoked almonds. To be honest as soon as I had heard smoked almonds, it was pretty much sold :)

The sweet potato was so creamy it was hard to believe it was vegan friendly! I loved the charred bit of kale with the bursts of sweet pomegranate. I would have liked more smoked almonds as the taste and crunch just made it more enjoyable.

I was invited to go back by Amy (who's also a blogger) so decided to try their new Sweet Potato with Chicken Teriyaki. 

Nino was so welcoming and friendly and let me sit right by the bar so I could see all the action :)

I chose a bottle of peach and vanilla with cayenne chilli made by Nix & Kix for my drink. I loved the sweetness with the slight texture of peach from the peach purée. The best part was getting that subtle warmth for the cayenne chilli - a similar sensation to good ginger beer. 

When my chosen dish arrived, it looked so well-presented, it even caught the eye of a customer in the queue! I think he ordered the same as soon as I told him what it was :)

The soft sweet potato went really well with the tender pieces of chicken. Although I'm not a massive fan of peppers in general, the mixed red peppers added a burst sweetness and colour along with the vibrant green from the fresh coriander. I really liked the contrasting and decorative toasted black and white sesame seeds :)

The teriyaki sauce wasn't overly sweet but with the sweet potato it might be a bit too much for some. I loved the chicken pieces - just wish there had been more cause it was so yummy!
Thank you Nino and head chef Simon for taking good care of me and feeding me a very filling and healthy meal!

If I could change one thing? 
I think it'd be nice to list their vegan options on the website rather than having to go into the store to find out. Other than that, I'll be coming back here :)

27 Noel Street


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