Cookbook Cafe

I spotted this restaurant on TimeOut so quickly asked YummyFeed and Vi Vian if they wanted to go here for our foodies dinner. Four yeses later, I snapped up their £29 for 2 courses and unlimited prosecco for 1.5hours deal. 

I must say I found it a little confusing to get to the place due to the roundabouts and multiple exits but if you are familiar with Hyde Park station, you'll have no problem locating the place. Situated in The Intercontinental Hotel, you'll find Cookbook Cafe nestled inside.

I spoke to the restaurant beforehand stating my allergies and they were more than happy to accommodate for me, highlighting and changing all the items that wouldn't suit me. It made the rest of the group curious to see what I would be getting!

Whilst we waited for the starters to arrive, we were served warm various shaped breads with butter. Unfortunately I had to enjoy the bread on its own but it was still nice. Best to eat it whilst it was warm as it can become quite tough to bite once it has cooled down.
For my starter, I picked the slow cooked lamb breast served with green apple, charred lemon and endive. Instead of smoked corn, I was asked what I would like instead, which was such a nice change. I didn't feel limited at all :) I chose steamed potatoes, as the sweet potato would take too long and I didn't want to keep my friends waiting. 
I'm still quite fussy when it comes to lamb but this piece was so tender, it felt like it could melt in your mouth :) The fresh salad and apple combo went well with the soft new potatoes and lamb. 

When four food bloggers go out to eat, this is what it looks like :p

It took a nearly an hour for our mains to come out. Luckily we were all talking but we did notice the wait.
For my mains, I chose Guinea fowl supreme, green beans, shallot and grain mustard jus. The potato gratin was substituted with crushed potatoes.

I found the starter to be more impressive than the main but nonetheless still enjoyable. I think there were more flavours in the first dish and the meat was more tender. The presentation was elegant throughout. 

Despite the very slow arrival of our mains, the service was great. I really appreciated the way they catered for my allergies and provided lots of alternatives :) Our waiter Gerlando was great fun and very helpful :) 

For £31 including service, I think this was a reasonable deal. And if you're not much of a drinker like myself, you can opt for soft beverages :) 

Cookbook Cafe
1 Hamilton Place
Park Lane
0207 318 8563


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