Falafelicious review

One of the advantages of working near Old Street station is being 10 minutes away from Shoreditch Boxpark. Based on the first floor is the most delicious falafel place where everything is vegan. 

Once you’ve chosen between a pitta bread or salad box, you can then pick from the large variety of salads. 

From bulgar wheat to babaganoush, there are lots of different dishes to choose from and you can help yourself to as much as you want of each (or as much as you can fit in). 

My favourite is the sweet chilli cauliflower, which has a light, crispy, golden batter and covered in the tastiest sweet chilli sauce. If that tray isn’t empty - you’ve gone at a good time! 

The falafels are golden, crunchy and seasoned with lots of herbs, making them  extra tasty. Some people skip the pitta bread but they are really soft and quite light. 

And finally, if you wish to enjoy your falafels with a drink, you can choose from a range of soft or alcoholic beverages from the fridge. 

Boxpark is a great place to catch some sun whilst eating falafels from Falafelicious!


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